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Wild West Farms YS Tulip

Goat, Nigerian Dwarf, Kid (female) | Light red and white w/ blue eyes

ADGA#  | DOB: 5/24/2019 (Under 1 yr)

Caprinos RO Yosemite Sam

Caprinos RO Yosemite Sam

Nigerian DwarfBuck (male)Red and White w/ Blue eyes
ADGA# DOB: 6/26/20172 yrs
 ADGA#  Red and White w/ Blue eyes
The AR Sunny Delight

The AR Sunny Delight

Nigerian DwarfDoe (female)Cream
ADGA# DOB: 7/2/20163 yrs
 ADGA#  Cream


Beautiful light red and white doeling with blue eyes born on 5/24/19; twin to Wild West Farms YS Pepper. Dam is The AR Sunny Delight and sire is Caprinos RO Yosemite Sam.

Updated 9/21/2019